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UD Crops

Website design and development for the leading supplier of dried goods, herbs, and spices, UD Corps.

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UD Crops


Established in 2015, UD Crops focused on producing and exporting dehydrated onion, garlic, and leaks to the European market. Then it scaled up its production and added herbs and spices, bringing Egypt's taste and quality to the world.


Food & Beverage


Corporate website





Showcase UD Crops' production process and design their B2B website to mirror their brand and establish their online presence as a leading company in the field of dehydrated goods.

UD Crops

Usable UX

Design an easy-to-navigate website that's on par with the current design standards.

UD Crops

Navigate easily

Moving smoothly between website sections with simple and elegant animation showing a good response and interactivity to the user along the website.

UD Crops
UD Crops