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About Road9 Media Web design & digital marketing agency in Egypt

What we do

Fully integrated digital agency

A synergistic, experienced and well established tech and digital agency founded in 2007 by Dutch entrepreneurs, in Cairo, Egypt. We are a comprehensive digital services provider including web design, mobile apps development, strategic digital marketing, and branding.

We are a group of digital craftsmen who pivot on being creatively eclectic and tech-savvy. We believe that a strong digital product is the one that looks great and also generates a high return of investment to our clients. Crafting a digital product that truly pays off, is what we consider our purpose in life.
Our innovative and creative method of thinking and reliance on science and factual reasoning, have allowed us to serve local and foreign clients spread across Egypt, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, the USA, and Europe.

Our story
Our story
Our story
Our story
Our story



Road9 Media was founded in 2007 as a web design studio by Henny Zeilstra, a Dutch entrepreneur who came to Cairo with a vision to “invest in people”. From this vision he trained the 1st generation of designers and developers according to the standards of each field. He also opened the door for self-development to help them discover new abilities in themselves. The same method transcends from one team to another. Naturally, because of the foreign nationality of the founders we were a local Egyptian company serving international clients from day one.


As a creative studio, we increased the number of services to include corporate visual branding and graphic design by the 2nd year. In the early stages of the online marketing field, we were able to comprehend search engines algorithms and experiment with SEO methods, until we mastered them despite the limited online information that was available online back then and we became the first agency in Egypt to provide SEO services professionally.


The Egyptian revolution was behind our drive to rethink our business model and reshape our company into a combatant kind of agencies that can live and grow under the hardest conditions. By developing more skills, hiring the right talents, and having more variety of services, we were able to help our Egyptian clients survive and even grow.


Due to our cumulative experience, we found our product-market fit and experienced an immediate increase in demand for all our services. The original team created new teams and was able to guide and train them to cover the needs of our Egyptian and Gulf clients.
Afterwards, Road9 Media became a renowned startup with a long history and a wide customer base.


We believe in realistic, achievable goals, and what we have witnessed over the years is that dreams can come true with the right amount of dedication and innovation, thus we are pursuing bigger dreams of services expansion and achieving excellence within new market segments.

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Road9 Media's culture
Road9 Media's culture
Road9 Media's culture
Road9 Media's culture


Having a dartboard in the middle of the office does not indicate a creative work environment. We believe that; design is beautiful, development is exciting, digital marketing is mind-blowing, we love what we do, and it subsequently encourages us to do it even better. Despite the norm, challenging ourselves to achieve more is our comfort zone, as we like celebrating our success and working in a lively environment.

We are an achievements-driven team, and we evaluate members according to their competency only. We always encourage our members to reach their full potential by continuously exploring, learning, and enhancing their skills.

Communication is what we consider the concrete of every successful team, we build and develop processes and workflows to facilitate solid, smooth, and effective communication between our teams.


We believe that

Art should serve a purpose

Commitment requires embracing limits

Creativity is a tool not a destination

Fuzzy data, fuzzy results

It’s the details that make the difference

Passion can’t be the only drive

Pioneering doesn’t mean success

Problem solving is a mindset

Science works

Simplicity is a prerequisite of reliability

There’s always a shorter way

You can be great one step at a time

You can be the first one to figure it out