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Website design cost in Egypt and How To Choose A Web Design Company In 2024

Every business owner whether for large, medium or small companies searches for creating a perfect website with a unique design to achieve the company’s objectives by attracting the attention of each visitor to his website. 

In 2020, only websites with unique & attractive design and high website speed encourages the visitor to continue navigating the website, which increases the percentage of sales than usual.

Due to the huge number of web design companies in Egypt, You can find a variety of large & small or rather professional and non-professional. This article is on how to compare and choose between this huge number of web design companies in Egypt to be your reference when you are looking for design or redesign of a website.

A standard, single language, corporate website cost can vary between 50,000EGP to 130,000EGP from reputed web design houses. Below this range is usually risky to end up with something not reliable.
With over 13 years in web design & digital marketing market, we concluded 4 aspects to compare web design services.

1- Portfolio

The portfolio is the company’s previous work in this area, so look for design and development companies in Egypt that has the best business portfolio.

When looking for the best portfolio for the web design in Egypt, you should know that there are two key elements: 

Portfolio level (Find the stronger portfolio)

Portfolio strength means not only the number of projects but the quality of each project.

When looking at the portfolio, consider big names the company has worked with & also the level of complexity done per each project. So a strong web design agency portfolio should include A good number of projects (in addition to long company age), High quality & complicated projects, & known businesses.

So, the strong portfolio should be on the top of your comparison criteria.

Portfolio credibility

Recently, some companies have emerged with some pseudo projects and some big companies are not linked or cooperate with them. This fake portfolio, which affects your decision to deal with such web design company in Egypt, should be taken care of.

To make sure of any portfolio, you must take one of two methods:

  1. The existence of the web design company name at the end of the most of the websites included in the portfolio.
  2. Company domain age, using a tool like Whois you can determine when the company domain name has been registered. Knowing that will give you an idea of the company long reliability.
  3. Direct contact with companies mentioned in the portfolio.

2- Price:

Price should always come after portfolio strength, for example, If two companies have a comparable portfolio level, you shall then compare upon pricing, Yet there are 4 points overlooked by most customers when contracting with the design companies in Egypt and based on which the price is based on:

Study the whole proposal

Which shall include all functions contained within the website and which reflects in the price offered.

For example:

A customer wants a classified ads website such as OLX. OLX website contains many functions that serve its own business model, such as push notification, users direct messaging, classified ad admin approval and many other functions.

When you ask a web design agency to accomplish a website comparable to OLX you can find a variety of pricing upon an amount of features included in the project proposal, On which you shall compare pricing.

The best practice to compare pricing in the most efficient way is to provide the web design agency with all features you need or don’t need in the project.

Unique design

Many web design companies in the market are using the ready-made design from design templates to accomplish the website, with minor edits on the template.

In case you are looking for a professional website, most probably ready-made design will not serve this goal. On the other hand, many web design agencies build website design from scratch depending on fully original artwork & web design layout. That for sure will reflect on pricing.

Programming framework

In case a web design agency is building your website based on a known framework that means you’ll have enough freedom to find other developers to take control on your website in the future. Known frameworks are known by web developers as well, which means the ease of finding another responsible personnel at any point.

However, there are some companies programming website using unregulated code to be difficult for any other programmer to understand its beginning from the end, known as Spaghetti Code.

Reliable web design companies in Egypt usually depend on known frameworks to guarantee the best programming structure & give the ability to hand over the website between internal or external developers. 

Open source

Whether the web design agency gives you an “open source” code or not is a major aspect to determine the price. Open source means you’ll have the full copyrights & ability to edit your website source code whenever you wanted that and WITHOUT the need to buy the service from them specially.

3- Time

Project delivery time is an important aspect to judge a web design company. But the question you should also consider the time to be realistic enough comparing to the website features, always remember that good quality requires enough time.

So in case you are building a complicated enough website or mobile application time means more auditing & testing time & more care on design details. Time is important, but never compromise quality for the sake of speed.

4- Customer Support

The speed of communication and customer service response is a great guarantee that you have paid for a service that deserves due care.

Customer service efficiency you can judge from many signs such as:

  1. Customer service team response speed.
  2. Good understanding of requirements.
  3. Structure of proposal & easy to understand.


The portfolio is the main key to the decision, then price comparison shall be based on the level of service provided. Don’t forget that time shouldn't compromise quality so a long time project with good quality is worth much more than a quickly accomplished project that will not serve your goals. Finally, good customer service matters a lot.