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Road9 Media Partners with EIIG for Ahmed Abou Hashima's Website

Part I: The Visionary And The Digital Architects

Ahmed Abou Hashima is a name synonymous with progress in Egypt. His journey began in the steel industry with Egyptian Steel and continued with a diverse portfolio encompassing Egyptian Cement and the Egyptian Industrial Investment Group (EIIG).
Yet, a closer look reveals a leader equally passionate about building a stronger Egypt through his philanthropic endeavors and dedication to public service. As a public figure, he has held positions such as vice president of the Republican People's Party and Head of the Senate Youth and Sports Committee. As a champion for young entrepreneurs, Abou Hashima launched the Startup Power Competition to encourage innovation in the country.
Driven by this compelling duality, the Egyptian Industrial Investment Group, led by Abou Hashima, sought a partner to translate his achievements and social purpose into a captivating digital platform. Their search led them to Road9 Media, a digital agency in Egypt renowned for crafting unique online experiences.

Part II: The First Meeting

Unlike traditional connections, Road9 Media caught EIIG’s attention through its exceptional SEO presence and rich portfolio that resonated with Ahmed Abou Hashima's vision. Road9 Media's web design team was requested to revamp Abou Hashima's personal website. A detailed proposal followed, outlining the agency's vision for a website that reflected his legacy and philanthropy.
Initial discussions with EIIG’s representatives revealed a glaring issue: Abou Hashima's existing website, while functional, lacked the scalability and adaptability to keep pace with his dynamic growth as a business leader. It also offered no flexibility for modifications, leaving it outdated and unable to reflect the modern and innovative spirit the business mogul embodies.
David Wesley, Road9 Media's Marketing and Communications Manager, recalled:

"Our first meeting with EIIG was eye-opening. They needed a platform that could evolve with Abou Hashima's growing influence. We knew we had to create something exceptional."

Part III: The Collaborators

Road9 Media formed a dedicated team to bridge the gap between Ahmed Abou Hashima's vision and a captivating website. Spearheading this project was Moody Luka, the web design lead, who has over a decade of experience in crafting impactful online experiences.
David Wesley and Moody Luka were joined by Senior Account Manager Salwa El Sokkary and Senior Content Creator Nour Eissa. Their expertise proved invaluable as they maintained steady communications with EIIG's representatives and actively sought feedback to guarantee the final website reflected Abou Hashima's vision with unwavering accuracy.

Part IV: The Implementation

"Neat. Elegant. Professional."
These were the three words Moody Luka used to describe his vision for the website in progress. This vision became the guiding principle for the entire project.
Luka continued, "From the start, we knew that the website had to reflect Ahmed Abou Hashima's dual role as a business magnate and a philanthropist. It was essential to convey both aspects seamlessly."

When asked about the biggest hurdle he faced during the web development stage, Luka acknowledged the unique request:
"We were tasked with creating two distinct home page concepts for Abou Hashima’s team at EIIG to choose from. This was a first for us; we'd never offered this option to previous clients."

The challenge lay in crafting two entirely separate home pages that equally captured the essence of Ahmed Abou Hashima’s brand. Each homepage had to tell his story in a compelling and coherent manner while also providing a unique user experience.

Moody Luka recalled:
"We approached this challenge by first defining the core elements that were non-negotiable for both designs. These included his business ventures, philanthropic efforts, and personal achievements. From there, we developed two distinct visual and navigational styles."

Road9 Media rose to the challenge, delivering both concepts on time, and the EIIG team promptly selected the design that resonated most strongly with them.

Part V: The Website

The culmination of Road9 Media's vision and meticulous execution is a website that embodies the guiding principles of "neat, elegant, and professional." Every aspect of the website was crafted to reflect Abou Hashima's multifaceted persona, merging his business acumen with his philanthropic spirit.

Visual Aesthetics

The website greets visitors with a clean, modern design that is both inviting and professional. The color palette, inspired by Ahmed Abou Hashima's logo, features elegant gold accents that lend an air of sophistication without overwhelming the design.
High-quality images and videos of Abou Hashima in various settings—ranging from business meetings to philanthropic events—are strategically placed throughout the site.

User Experience

“We wanted to prioritize user experience by crafting a website structure that facilitated effortless navigation,” Luka interjects. With a minimal number of clicks required to access information, visitors could delve deeper into Ahmed Abou Hashima's biography, business ventures, philanthropic efforts, and news updates with ease.

Personal Touches

One of the site's standout features is the incorporation of patterns found in Abou Hashima's personal office walls. This subtle yet impactful detail creates a sense of familiarity and personal connection for visitors, harmoniously blending professional and personal elements.


The website predominantly uses sans serif fonts, which lend a contemporary and streamlined appearance that supports long-form content without straining the eyes. Headings and titles show a clear visual hierarchy, guiding visitors’ attention through the site’s content.

Security Measures

The website incorporates advanced security protocols to protect user data and ensure a safe browsing experience. SSL encryption and regular security audits were implemented to safeguard against potential threats.

Content Management System

The site is built on a robust Content Management System (CMS) that allows Abou Hashima's team to easily update content, add new sections, and make modifications without requiring extensive technical knowledge. Moreover, the website is now well-equipped with integrated analytics tools that provide detailed insights into user behavior, traffic sources, and engagement metrics. This data helps Abou Hashima's team make informed decisions to continually improve the site.

Interactive Features

To engage visitors further, the website includes interactive features such as an up-to-date news section and integrated social media feeds. These elements keep the content fresh and encourage visitors to return regularly for updates on Abou Hashima's activities and achievements.

Part VI: The Future

This project marked the beginning of a promising partnership between Road9 Media and the Egyptian Industrial Investment Group (EIIG). After delivering a successful personal website, Road9 Media was chosen to design and develop EIIG’s website that showcases their strategic impact on Egypt's industrial landscape. Road9 Media is actively involved in discussions about future projects with both EIIG and Ahmed Abou Hashima.

Road9 Media's Marketing and Communications Manager, David Wesley, reflected on the partnership:
"Working with EIIG and Ahmed Abou Hashima has been a transformative experience for our team. It's not just about creating websites; it's about building digital platforms that evolve with our clients' ambitions and growth."

Visit the website at to experience the final product and delve into the world of one of Egypt's most influential figures.