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Creative branding agency serving in Egypt & Dubai

Ambitious organizations relying on us for tailoring their brands since 2007. Knowing the real meaning of a brand our creative branding team helped our partners get marked & distinguished through their brands on both short & long term.
You can have efficient operations system, strong marketing & sales activities, & reliable human resources, however If you don’t have a solid memorable, unique brand your customers will not find a single point to refer to or appreciate your all other efforts. In other words your brand is your repute.
A well established brand (your repute) will open as many doors as it goes. Your brand can expand your fundraising options, facilitates your expanding efforts, penetrating new markets, & increase your referral & returning customers along the way.


As a global branding agency operating from Cairo & delivering branding experiences to different geographical markets such as Dubai, & all Arabian Gulf area, we relied on insights & clear data rather than intuition.
We listen to our partners, to understand visions, capabilities, unique sales propositions & goals, to be able to craft a unique experience communicating these data to their customers. We analyse other cases & competitions to draw a more clear image about the market & its needs. Aiming not to build just a logo visual but a brand, with a coherent story & clear voice.


In this bold & rapid startups & entrepreneurship era, a brand name cannot be anyway near traditional, a brand name can be a challenging process for an entrepreneur & requires professional help from marketing specialists. Our branding agency provides brand naming to startups & new corporate products or services that facilitate fast exposure in new markets. By understanding the culture of a target audience our creative team can innovate unique, brand new names that hasn’t been used.


Once there’s a clear understanding about our branding case & data to be communicated in the brand experiences & visuals, we start drafting ideas & concepts to represent the brand vision. We look into details & meanings of every message the brand shall represent & craft ideas upon it. We judge a winning idea based on several criteria, such as the uniqueness & innovation. An idea that was done before or commonly known will not be developed into a concept to be represented to our customer. Also we judge ideas based on the required level of sophistication, ideas that has higher or lower amount of sophistication compared to the target audience is not considered a successful idea.


Branding concepts are being tested on different applications, to come into contact with the customer experience of the brand on each application. Once we have a winning set of concepts we communicate further with our customer & business owner to decide how the brand shall go further & to find points of development.


As a branding agency our main concern is to come up with not only appealing brand but also successful brand that fulfills its right purpose. After researching, development concepts & evolving them, our artists keep fine-tuning & enhancing the brand with its experience until reaching a strong brand that positions the organization rightfully.
To make sure to keep our brand intact we document all guidelines needed for creating any following experiences or artwork.
Launching a new brand requires a following set of marketing activities to set brand awareness & market positioning. Our digital marketing team can start building strategies & tactics for your new brand exposure.