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Questions and Answers: What do customers want from eCommerce apps?

Before starting to answer the question " What do customers want from the eCommerce website design agency to implement own e-commerce applications?", some important questions need to be answered in order to reach the answer to the question posed with credibility based on logical and accurate answers (What do customers want to implement own e-commerce apps? ).

Question: Why are applications more than websites, specially e-commerce applications?

Answer: Mobile applications, especially mobile applications for electronic stores (e-commerce apps), have become widespread around the world and are constantly increasing more than the websites according to Google statistics. In 2014, the percentage of mobile applications used for electronic stores was 12% in the United States, These rates are unprecedented to reach more than 45% in the world.

This increase and growth in the use of mobile applications have led to the interest of many brands in making applications on mobile to take advantage of this terrible development and exploit the ease of dealing and browsing through it, as it is the easiest way to buy from the Internet.

For this reason, Clutch - B2B Research & Reviews conducted a survey of users of e-commerce apps about the features they want in these applications to download them and the consensus was (easy to use).

Question: Why do consumers use e-commerce applications?

Answer: When searching by asking people why they feel comfortable buying through applications rather than buying through mobile sites. The most prominent responses obtained from consumers who prefer to use e-commerce applications were as follows:

Offers and Deals:

68% of consumers said that their choice to use the application instead of using the website is to hope to get offers and deals better than more than one brand. 


65% of consumers pointed out that the main reason for using e-commerce applications is the ability to buy products at any time during the day. For example, they can buy at 4:00 am and demand at any time from the mobile without having to open the laptop or PC, which provides flexibility in demand at any time and any place. 


More than 62% of the respondents said that the ability to compare products and prices more easily on their mobile phones was the main reason for downloading e-commerce applications.

For example, many e-commerce apps allow users to compare prices not only on their own site but also compare prices to other sites and retailers online. An example is Wal-Mart and Yaoota


The use of e-commerce applications saves time in purchases rather than in electronic stores. Some 55% of respondents agreed that e-commerce applications provide them with time, but they do not include the quality of the product unless it is a global and credible company. As example Starbucks has 13 million active members and 27% of its customers pay for purchases through their mobile applications, so they trust on quality of them.

Question: What are the advantages consumers want when using e-commerce applications?

Answer: When asking this question to participants and determining what they would like to see in e-commerce apps, the main answers were:

Personal Discounts:

59% of the respondents want applications that offer them a unique experience in discounts such as enticing them to discounts and offers for their use of the application or offering different product options. 

Discount notifications:

63% of consumers use their own e-commerce applications to get deals and special offers. 84% of them use their alerts about deals and special offers, while 85% want to receive offers based on their previous purchases. 

Loyalty to them:

80% of consumers want their applications to store their personal data without being asked to enter it every time because most consumers do not always carry their cards or do not remember the passwords while maintaining the confidentiality of this information through e-commerce applications 

Recommendations to them:

70% of consumers want electronic store applications to recommend products based on their previous purchases. So that giving them the opportunity to enjoy shopping in the best possible way, satisfying their desire to continue shopping.

The next period will witness significant activity and significant development in the electronic commerce applications of the shops and the diversity of means of payment.

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