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10 top graphic design trends for 2020

Trends, by definition, are things that have gone viral and gained much popularity among people in a short period of time. And because marketing is all about attracting more and more customers; making use of these trends can significantly expand your customer base. Whatever the main platform on which you are connecting with your customers, even if it is just a social media channel like Facebook, you will still need exceptional designs to attract as many customers as possible CREATIVE APPROACHES: WHEN IT WORKS AND WHEN IT DOESN’T As 2019 comes to an end, we are going to outline the most popular trends as far as Graphic Designing goes, and what is going to continue with us in 2020! 

1- 3D Depth and Realism. 

When used, the sole purpose of it is to grab the attention to show the customers exactly the final product they are paying for with almost no chance of giving them misleading image. To show off your creative abilities, you can use this technique combined with another, such as -believe it or not- flat designs, And it turns out just great!

source: dribble 

2- Going Monochrome. 

Monochromatic color schemes are great in their own way, not only because of the sense of integrity they give, but also they actually make your brand more memorable! How? By simply associating a specific color or in that case, a harmonic monochromatic color scheme, with your brand. So if you are looking for a unique design and want to embrace the unity of it, just Go Monochrome! 

source: behance

3- Shiny Metals. 

Designs with metallics add light, and usually reflect a special luxury product rather than a basic one, it is used to differentiate a standing-out product from the competition. These designs catches one’s eyes due to its nature, so when used, the design should be what’s known as “minimal design” to avoid any complications. Basically if you are looking for a bold elegant design, consider using metallic colors in it!


4- Street Art Styles. 

Street art is majorly inspired by the graffiti movement in the 70’s and 80's, it is distinguished -just the same as graffitis- by its colorful random creations, these kinds of designs usually find their popularity amongst the youth, mainly because of the vibes of rebellion they give out. If your product is intended to the younger societal base, then Street Art Style is your best friend! 

source: 99 design

5- Typography Craze.

Typography is simply transforming normal looking boring texts to appear more artistic, well ordered and visually pleasing. It specifically deals with lettering and typefaces, but what does that have to do with graphic design, you might ask. Graphic design is all about visual communication; whether it is through photography, illustration or typography. And this is being a trend helps maintaining and enabling more creative work in graphic design. 

source: behance

6- Ultra Thin Geometry.

Aside from this being a trend that is heavily affecting today’s designs, which are, in my opinion, the most elegant yet very simple, using geometric designs is not all fun and games; it actually is a hard work, and takes way longer than it looks, and depending on the designer’s creativity, they could create designs that are original and not inspired by any past work; a good example for this, is the use of impossible figures and how artists can create shapes that never existed before. These designs usually look abstract, transient, simple or even surreal, and they are always great designs! 

source: 99 design

7- Line Art. 

This trend has a lot in common with the previously mentioned one, ultra this geometry, but what distinguish this specifically, are eliminating the use of “shadows” and presenting realistic images in the design. Line art is simple and minimalistic; yet it is very neat and sends the accurate message the designer wants to send; and because all of these features, it is best used when creating both logos for your business and your product packaging. 

source: behance

8- Simplified Illustrations. 

Illustrations usually consist of hand-drawn sketches, and when using hand-drawn-like illustrations in your designs, it associates your product with simplicity. But even though simplified illustrations lack details, it is pretty straight forward and sends the required message exactly as it is. 

source: dribble 

9- Earthy Colors: A Sense of Vintage. 

Earth colors palettes are often used to create a warm, friendly and classic design. And because It is significantly affiliated with the 50’s and 60’s designs, it noticeably creates that nostalgic, homelike feeling whenever an eye lays on them. This is can be used in almost everything; from regular advertising posters to typography and even web designs!

source: behance

10- Patterns and Textures.

Using textures and patterns enlivens your designs and adds so much beauty. It also adds an aesthetic sense as well as creating an attention grabbing final image. You can even use textures in creating your very own new text fonts rather than using the conventional boring ones. This trend is mostly used in creating backgrounds though it does not, obviously, stop here! 

source: behance

 In Conclusion

You may feel hesitant and a bet dazzled when deciding what to use out of all these fine and impressive designs, but remember to choose the best fitting one depending on all the factors you should be keeping in mind; because although their elegance, not all designs serve all purposes, there is always one that is better for each!