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Creative approaches: When It Works and When It Doesn’t

The more creative your advertising plan is, the more customers you will attract. Usually when starting a small business, you’re looking to offer something that already exists in the market. But what makes your service or product more interesting than the others that are already there? It’s all about the style of message you’re getting out to the public, you essentially need to make them feel that your service or product will change their lives for the better, that you’re exceptionally offering a service/product that is completely different than your competitors’. But The fact that we’ve become inevitably exposed to different types of advertisements in our daily life that many of them do not call our attention anymore is a new serious challenge for us, business owners, that has made us realize we need to adopt more creative and modern ways of marketing and advertising in particular.

Creativity is Important to Your Business, And Here’s Why Humans are naturally gifted with creativity, and even though it takes different forms to manifest, they all have six particular elements in common; originality, value, independence, diversity, flexibility and involvement. This helps you find new opportunities to seize instead of just focusing on the existing ones, and not only that, creativity in advertising is fundamental in any successful campaign, and it’s no exaggeration to say that it controls the entire procedure. This brings us to the next point, which is the method of delivering the message that you’re trying to convey; advertising is an art, it needs to be whole and complete, and it needs to address minds cleverly and seep into people’s brain in a way that drives them to willingly choose your service/product over other competitors’. And in most cases, the easiest way to achieve this is through creative advertising.

Creative Advertising: Definition and Methods

So, what exactly is creative advertising? It is simply coming up with more appealing, more interesting content that gets the public curious about you and your product or service; for instance, you can use infographics with flashy colorful images that catch audience's eyes, use unique short, catchy taglines, use popular trends in your favor, create funny and clever business cards, and so on. Now that you've got that you have their attention, this is the point where you introduce their product/service. But to convey your message accurately, it isn’t just enough to get them curious for a brief amount of time and then disappoint them with a boring message, you would definitely lose them before you even finish introducing your services or products. that’s why it’s important to increase their attention span.

What are the Four Stages of the Creative Process?

The creative process takes four key stages to complete, each stage has a couple of steps that gets you to the next one. First one is Preparation, it takes a lot of time juggling between doing your research and building your knowledge base by gathering the raw data and immersing yourself in the problem. Next stage is Incubation; and here it’s where you try to solve the problem from earlier, it’s basically brainstorming and wrestling with your mind trying to get the possible answers altogether to finally agree upon one possibility that will lead you to the following stage; Illumination. Fourth and last, is where you Verify the entire process, evaluate the idea and put it into practical usage.

Online Advertising and Digital Marketing: Smart and Creative

As modern technology evolves day by day, it provides us with more tools we couldn’t possibly imagine they exist before. Those tools initiated a whole new marketing era and were a significant addition to modern day’s advertising, the possibilities that online advertising and social media have created are nearly unlimited, people are already connected to the internet 24/7, so the chances they’re gonna stumble across advertisements have multiplied many times. How could a smart business owner waste an opportunity like this? You have gotta make sure that you, not only reach as many people as possible, but also have them interacting with your real-time online advertisements!

You Want to Make Profit, Not Lose Money

As much as it’s important that you take into consideration the medium and presentation of your advertisement, it doesn’t end here! It’s still important to observe your audience’s impressions and then act upon them; planning on how to affect people’s perceptions positively when presenting your product or service and employ the audience’s feedback to further up your advertising game. Your final goal after presenting that product or service of yours to the public, is to answer all the people’s questions, ESPECIALLY the skeptical ones, not only that; you also should get them on your side and so you will win more solid customers. But how to make sure if your advertising plan will really be a success? Because one small unnoticed flaw can ruin it all and would cost you not only a fortune, but also your brand name! this is why it’s mandatory to consult a team of professionals when building up your plan. How to find one? Well, ask no more, you’ve come to the right place!