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Status: Open
Contract: Full time
Minimum years of experience: 3 - 6
Workplace: Remote
Team: Digital Marketing
Location: Maadi, Cairo

Our digital marketing team is looking for a creative mastermind, who generates promotions ideas, oversees their execution, monitors & adjusts them after launching.


  1. Come up with all promotional materials ideas, including & not limited to, social media content & advertising campaigns. 
  2. Research & determine consumers’ behaviors & trends which can be utilized in generating more successful campaigns.
  3. Create data driven campaigns concepts for brands.
  4. Present copy concepts and final deliverables to the internal team — and to client representatives when requested — and participate occasionally in client pitches.
  5. Oversee ideas execution with the creative team, & direct them to generate the best results.
  6. Monitoring campaigns’ performance after launching, & adjusting them to reach the best results.
  7. Writing , & help the rest of the content team generating, design messages, video scripts, posts’ captions & any other type of written content.
  8. Maintaining a high level of creativity for all the agency’s customers, against their competition & the international benchmarks.
  9. Professionally & clearly guide the media buying team, in targeting the right audience according to the created campaign strategy.


  1. Proven experience in launching successful campaigns.
  2. Three or more years of professional copywriting experience, with solid portfolio of work
  3. Exceptional research & analysis skills.
  4. Proven experience with content planning.
  5. Solid understanding of SMM & SEO.
  6. Fully understanding of the known marketing techniques & tools, such as marketing mix, SWOT analysis, etc.
  7. Experience in extracting meaningful & usable information from insights & analysis tools, such as Google analytics & Semrush.
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