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ELS Schools Website

Creating a unique and neat design for one of the biggest schools in Egypt, ELS schools. We worked on updating the website design and usability, resulting in an easy-to-navigate website, modern website.

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ELS Schools Website


ELS schools is one of the biggest schools in Egypt, established in 1994 with different branches in Cairo and Alexandria, encompassing 3 different educational systems: National, American, and British.




Corporate website





Creating a strong UX for a multi-branched school with diversified educational systems was a challenge, but we worked to apply smooth navigation for users to choose their destination.

ELS Schools Website

Information architecture

We needed to create a UX design that would allow for proper information distribution across the website, therefore we focused on creating easy navigation and smooth data flow across the website pages.

ELS Schools Website

Easy Navigation

The easy navigation between the school branches and educational systems was an important aspect to create a successful website, through which users can reach their target more easily and with minimal clicks.

ELS Schools Website
ELS Schools Website