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Altria Law Firm

Create a professional online presence for the Australian-Egyptian Law firm, which is oriented for their target audience which is mostly in the Egyptian business class.

Altria Law Firm


Altria Law is an Australian-Egyptian, full-service law firm, offering comprehensive solutions in a broad range of practice areas.


Law Firm


Corporate website





Creating a website for the young and ambitious Australian-Egyptian law firm, in a way that represents the firm’s potential and position in its targeted market segment.

Altria Law Firm

Personal touch

As with most leading law firms, interpersonal communication within their team is their main winning point with their clients, hence we've emphasized the personal element within the design, as well as the right amount of design simplicity.

Altria Law Firm

Automatic assessments

The website included an automatic assessment calculator to score users' probability of migration program acceptance. With our simplified usability, the assessment reached its set goal which is giving clear data in the shortest time and encouraging users to communicate with the agency for further assistance.

Simple yet elegant

The design maintained its elegance while being simple with vivid colors.

Altria Law Firm
Altria Law Firm